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        This year, we're celebrating Pride with 15 projects of all colors.

        北辽1. Courtyard No. 1 in Heze City, China by AOE北辽

        Inspired by suprematism, the early 20th–century abstract art movement, a residential sales center’s glazing of UV-resistant panels is intercepted by geometric apertures framed in stainless steel.

        北辽2. HOK Designs HQ that Celebrates the Senses for Shiseido Americas北辽

        Transformation is key to what Shiseido is. Founded in 1872, the Japanese corporation has evolved over the last century-plus from a local cosmetics company to a global personal-care giant. Part of that expansion includes the New York–based Shiseido Americas, for which 北辽HOK won the bid to design the workplace.

        北辽3. Clap Studio's Mars-Inspired Boutique Launches in Hong Kong北辽

        Clap Studio's design for a Hong Kong women’s boutique draws on Mars, in that its environment is like an undiscovered planet, with a “landscape of impressive mountains and pure materials,” co-founder Àngela Montagud explains. Entry to the 1,800-square-foot shop is through two archways lined in space-agey aluminum. Inside is a sleek setting of moon-white walls and ceiling anchored by a plinth-populated terrain of terra-cotta tiles.

        北辽4. Peter Marino Melds Understated and Chromatic at Maison Louis Vuitton New Bond Street北辽

        Believe it or not, Peter Marino designs three to seven Louis Vuitton shops a year, each different. Some are renovations of existing Peter Marino Architect interiors, as is the case with Maison Louis Vuitton New Bond Street in London, the firm’s third inter­vention at the site, which demonstrates how all of Marino’s Vuittons have become increasingly gallery-esque. 

        北辽5. PlotCreative Draws on Tradition to Create CJ GO Noodle Shop Outpost北辽

        Noodles are one of the most ancient of foods, and one of the most modern. Articulating that mix of old and new was on the mind of PlotCreative Interior Design director Oscar Chan when the Crystal Jade GO brand of noodle shops asked him to conceive a new outpost in Kennedy Town on Hong Kong Island.

        北辽6. 北辽Department of Architecture Co. Takes a Fresh Look at Shingles For a Northern Thailand Inn北辽


        What makes a shingle a shingle? That was the question Amata Luphaiboon and Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum, Department of Architecture Co. principals, asked themselves for Little Shelter, 北辽an inn in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that the firm designed and which Luphaiboon co-owns. Wanting to be sensitive to the region’s centuries-old architecture, they decided to take a fresh look at the venerable building material.

        北辽7. Massimo Adario Takes an "Atemporale" Approach to Renovating a Storied Florence Apartment北辽

        Remember the movie version of E.M. Forster’s "A Room with a View" with its honeyed images of Florence, Italy? That’s the swoonily romantic lens through which one can’t help viewing the gloriously eclectic Florentine apartment that architect Massimo Adario recently renovated for his partner—an art, design, and fashion lover, who also happens to be an architect.

        北辽8. Capexus Designs Massive Czech Republic Office for T-Mobile北辽

        When T-Mobile Czech Republic asked Capexus to redesign 43,000 square feet of one of the largest single-tenant buildings in Prague, they didn’t just change the floor plan—they changed how the company’s 20-member teams work.


        北辽9. Biology Inspires Unbot China's Office by Prism Design北辽

        Open-plan digital startup offices staffed with Gen Y- and Z-ers are practically commonplace these days. How to differentiate? Such was the challenge posed to Prism Design by client Unbot China, an online marketer, for its relocated Shanghai workplace.

        北辽10. Waterfrom Design Gives Aqua Health Clinic in Beijing an Edgy Aesthetic北辽

        Building on millenniums of wisdom, ancient Chinese medicine tends to the human body’s vital energy, or chi, using herbs, acupuncture, and massage. The Aqua Health Clinic in Beijing’s trendy Sanlitun district builds on that antiquity, but is contemporary and cutting-edge in appearance, courtesy of 北辽Waterfrom Design.

        北辽11. Gensler Reinforces Knoll's Design Philosophy at New Chicago Flagship北辽

        The buzz around Chicago's Fulton-Randolph Market District caught the attention of executives at Knoll, who, earlier this year, decided to move the furniture company’s local showroom from its longtime home in the Merchandise Mart to an expansive 24,000-square-foot space in Fulton Market. The neighborhood’s raw yet refined character is what inspired Gensler’s concept for Knoll’s new flagship.

        北辽12. Firms Join Forces to Give Organic Form to a Family Villa in Melbourne北辽

        Almost inevitably, calling a building sculptural arouses the suspicion that function played second fiddle to the architect’s shape-shifting vision. In designing a house worthy of the epithet, however, Michael Leeton, principal of Leeton Pointon Architects + Interiors, kept form and function in equilibrium as deftly as a juggler spinning plates.

        北辽13. Slack Headquarters by Studio O+A Wins 2019 Best of Year Award for Large Tech Office北辽

        Studio O+A principals Verda Alexander and Primo Orpilla like to invent—and reinvent—the workplace. The Interior Design Hall of Fame members also like to tell stories. Their firm took the narrative concept for the San Francisco headquarters of Slack, the office-messaging innovator, to a new high. 

        北辽14. Various Associates Channels the Five Elements for Morph Event Venue in Shenzhen, China北辽


        Dongzi Yang and Qianyi Lin founded Various Associates, a collective of spatial, graphic, interactive, and product designers working on inter­national research-based projects. One such project is Morph, an 11,000-square-foot event venue in Shenzhen, Lin’s hometown and a relatively new city in a country grounded in tradition. The color of custom velvet-covered benches in the mezzanine is meant to recall water.

        北辽15. The Food Court Gets a Modern Update at Le Cathcart in Montreal北辽


        Over the last decade, the food court has increasingly become an essential urban hub for both snacking and socializing. But how do you keep these already aging staples looking as fresh as the food? When it came to Le Cathcart Restaurants et Biergarten at Montreal’s Place Ville Marie, the answer was to embrace the city itself. 

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